Flash Games

Sushi Cat

Help the sushi-cat get fatter in this adorably cute sushi-themed timewaster.

Cursor * 10

‘Play a flash game with yourself’. You have ten iterations to beat the game. Your play history — in the form of a moving cursor — from each previous run will cumulatively assist with your current run. You need to work together with your past and present avatars to complete the temporal challenges and advance. Good for a few minutes of fun.

Pingu Throw

Penguins secretly want to fly, but find themselves somehow flightless through no fault of their own. Throw the penguin, and let it enjoy a few sweet moments of parabolic motion. They seem to enjoy it. I can’t seem to beat my record of 345.2.

Lego Junkbot

This game is awesome. Prepare to lose a few hours.

Sim City

Maxis has made the original version of Sim City available online. This is a surprisingly faithful rendition and is rather addictive for those megalomaniacal types among us. Click on the source link to play this one.

Roshambo Run

A strange medley of rock-paper-scissors and minesweeper.

Pac Xon

Another remake of an old arcade game; quite a good implementation.


The Malibu Nine

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The BBC’s remake of the original text adventure game.

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