Daylight Saving

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Largely unproductive day, no thanks to this noisy truck that woke me up at some unknown hour. I blame the Coronal Mass Ejections and Daylight Saving.


My Violin

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Some late night violin practice after a very unproductive day. I attempted a few mathematics exercises, but did little else. Law revision tomorrow.


Metropolitan Visage

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The metropolitan visage as seen while waiting for a Sandringham train at Richmond station. The weekend looms.


Gator isn't Spyware. No, Really.

Several weeks after Gator Corp filed an action in defamation against PC Pitstop, a prominent anti-spyware software provider, the parties settled out of court. Gator alleged that the defendant misrepresented their advertising plugin software for Internet Explorer as a form of malicious spyware.  Read more »


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A small sparrow sits perched upon protective fencing at an inner-city train station. Today was the last torts lecture of the year (I'd better start studying!).


Midweek Cogitation

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Midweek cogitation bathed by afternoon sun, observed whilst travelling home to a desk piled with torts and legal philosophy revision notes.


The Tempatation of iTunes

Apple has met with overwhelming success in their release of the popular iTunes client for x86 architecture, with approximately one million songs (at USD$1 a pop) being downloaded from their online music store in just three days, and marking a new sales record for a music distribution model that was hitherto viewed with considerable scepticism.  Read more »

Energetic, Rainy Day

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20 minutes late, I plodded my way into a Torts seminar on vicarious liability; rather drenched, but reasonably attentive. Relatively unproductive day.


Suburban Street

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A rare moment of calm at a Gardenvale shopping strip, moments before I board a homeward bus. The server move is occupying more time than it should.


Trojan Horse Defence Valid

A jury in the Southwalk Crown Court, London, has acquitted a teenager of various cyber crimes after his counsel successfully used the 'Trojan Horse' defense. Aaron Caffrey, aged 19, was charged with launching a denial of service (DoS) attack from his personal computer against a mainframe computer owned by the Port of Houston in Texas, United States, but claimed that the attack was not his doing - but that of a rogue hacker who infiltrated his computer and used it as a base for the attack.  Read more »