Drying Clothes

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Another day of blue skies and procrastination solemnly undertaken, increasingly dampened by the prospect of looming examinations.


Green on Blue

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A swift gaze skyward after a morning's revision. It's a sunny day with a mild breeze, and even I have second thoughts about returning to my studious gloom.


Spring Blossoms

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Spring blossoms in University Square as I briskly make my way to a programming lecture, to which I am 5 minutes late after partaking of a chocolate chip cookie at a vending machine.


The Culture of Mobility

The rapidity of mobile communication technology development has exceeded all expectations, but significant social and legal implications remain unexamined. Five years ago, the first tidings of discontent surfaced in response to the mobile revolution that was about to sweep through Western society - the public/private dichotomy was becoming blurred, and people were afraid of what technological solidarity would bring.  Read more »

Leafy Entourage

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Spring growth on a tree in my frontyard. No university today due to a lecturer strike, so I'll spend some time revising Torts and Applied Mathematics.


Lunch on Grattan

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People-watching in a Grattan Street cafe waiting for the Junior Mooting grand final.


Second Sunny Day

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Today I ate Subway for lunch, under a tree in the park. It was warm, sunny, and my reading perch was rather comfortable.


A Tale of Two Halves

This week's raging controversy involves the premature release of source code to a hotly anticipated game into the wild by an unknown cracker. The game, of course, is Half-Life 2, and its developer, Valve. Well, it seems that Valve has sprung a leak, so to speak...  Read more »

Stir Fry

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I ate this for dinner tonight, and it was rather nice. An interesting contrast to what I have been eating for the past week.


Shifty Premises: the DMCA Strikes Again

First up on today's menu: more DMCA legal shenanigans, with a United States copy-protection software developer filing suit against a graduate student at Princeton University under s1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998.  Read more »