Frontyard, Afternoon Shadows

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Late afternoon casts long shadows as Monday draws ever-nearer.


Visual Diary

What better time to begin an abitious project than 3 weeks before end of semester exams? It is probably an indication of the extent of my procrastination to note the inverse correlation between amount of free time and quantity of posts. At any rate, astute readers will notice a new addition to the navigation bar to your right: the Visual Diary.  Read more »

Miscellaneous Flora

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A miniature universe I encountered on one of my garden walks.


Train at Flinders Street

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An outbound train waiting to depart from Flinders Street, as sighted on my way home from university this afternoon.


New Laptop Technology

Further to my previous post, there are some interesting new developments in the portable technology field which have caught the attention of many in the online tech community:

  • Hard drive 'airbags': IBM has developed a way to cushion laptop hard drives against sudden shock or impact in an attempt to curb one of the most common causes of laptop failure.
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Portable Computing

I've never seen the point of those desktop replacement laptops. They weigh at least several of your least favourite units of mass, are less capable than a similarly-priced desktop PC, and cost far, far more.  Read more »

Street Connection

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OptusNet (my current [for how long?] cable provider) experienced severe downtime today. Very annoying. I think it might be due to a faulty installation.


A Fresh Take on Public Transportation

Owing to some minor disruptions at Melbourne's equivalent of Grand Central Station, I alighted upon a different train to travel home from university this afternoon.  Read more »

The Bachelor: Housetrained Edition

Reality televsion puns aside, I'm on my own for 2 weeks while my parent is overseas. No doubt most would relish the occaision for uninterrupted perambulation, but I dread the associated drudgery of additional residential maintenance. I do not own a dishwasher, measurements on all of the appliances are imperial, and my alarm clock has a nasty habit of not going off.  Read more »

State Censorship and Cyber Autonomy

A recent report published by Privacy International suggests that internet censorship is at an all time high. In addition to extensive regulation by non-democratic states, the study points to the heightened sensitivity of many Western governments in response to a perceived terrorist threat.  Read more »