News Snippets

Just some quick news bytes before I return to my riveting pursuits. The gallery has also been updated with a few new pictures of the Freehills debating final, Julian Burnside's public lecture, and other university events.

Federal Spam Bill Set to Achieve Nothing

On the local (Australian) front (pardon the anchor cliché), the recent tabling of a tough national Spam law has received industry accolade, and looks set to pass when it is read for a second time next month.

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Logocentrism and Legal Conceptions of the Subject

It's that time of semester again! Time for another meaty analysis of that legal system so dear to our hearts. This time the unwitting critic is poststructural semiotics - what joy! Time to deconstruct me a gavel to wreak metaphysical havoc...Ahem.  Read more »

Galileo End of Mission

According to the NASA website, the Galileo spacecraft will shorlty be manoevured into a descent path which will send it plunging into the Jovian atmosphere. This will mark the end of a 14 year long mission ranked among NASA's greatest successes  Read more »

Nutty Power and the RIAA

Gympie, Queensland has a new 'green' power plant fuelled entirely by the discarded shells of Macadamia nuts, which burn cleaner than other fossil fuels (less CO2 emission). "Mmm... Macamadamia..."  Read more »

Copright May Protect 'Functional Structure'

Justice Pumfrey of the British High Court yesterday granted leave to appeal in a copyright infringement case between two rival airline ticket-booking software devlopers. Though the competing products were programmed in entirely different languages (Cobol and Visual Basic [heh]), the Pumfrey J noted the similarities in 'functional structure', drawing an analogy to the plot of a book.  Read more »

Consumers Challenge Deceptive Hard Drive Marketing

Throughout the day today I'll be presenting a brief overview of some current happenings in IT litigation; interesting issues continue to be explored by various legislatures, and there are an increasing number of IP/IT cases being heard in Appeal Courts. My Applied Mathematics lecture was cancelled without notice this morning, so I have 3 hours of waiting around until my next lecture. It's the last day before the mid-term break, too...on with the news!  Read more »

Congressman Voices Internet Privacy Concerns

Senator Brownback of Kansas, America yesterday introduced a bill which appears to address the privacy concerns voiced by many internet and P2P users over the RIAA's recent campaign against online music piracy.  Read more »

Inequity Aversion in Primates

There is a rather interesting article showcasing another one of those primate studies - you know, the ones that purport to have found and explained a fundamental human characteristic in terms of some evolutionary link between primates and humans. Researchers seem to have no trouble painting a quaint, disney-esque caricature of human civilisation (never mind the electric probes).  Read more »

Punitive Damages

Another quick Tuesday afternoon roundup, meticulously crafted after a long day at university. One can only debate the efficacy of access to the justice system so many times...

On with the show: