Lawsuits and Satellites

The latest in the recent spate of RIAA subpoenas seems to have been served to a 12 year-old girl from New York, America. Realising the unwanted publicity this could generate, the RIAA quickly settled with the girl's mother for $2000 (several times less than most suits).  Read more »

Astronomic Antics

For the public good, I hereby declare that this post will be the last to feature that most accursed of literary devices, alliteration.  Read more »

Leftism: The New White, Middle-Class Meat

We are in the midst of an ideological war, fought by covert operatives with hidden agendas and a surprising amount of aggression. In a law school dominated by postmodern, feminist, culturally oppressed, marginalised, victimised, patronised, relativist, politically correct (only 1% of whom are able to argue their position with any semblance of coherence), it's cool to be left.  Read more »

Ban 'Offensive and Menacing Behaviour', Alston Argues

Australia's most vociferious luddite has proposed to ban the use of the internet for offensive and menacing behaviour, with offenders to face up to two-years in prison, according to a press release issued by the Department of Communications, yesterday.  Read more »

'Brazen Theft' at Sydney Airport

According to The Age, two men "of Middle Eastern appearance" were successful in a cunning theft of several million dollars worth of high-tech mainframe computers from the cargo and intelligence centre of Sydney International Airport.  Read more »

Technological Tidbits

Just some quick technology news before I return to my studious activities.

  • Scientists in Japan have created a metallic exoskeleton designed to facilitate movement and interface machine-assisted labour. The movie is very cool (Mechwarrior here we come).
  • Black hole ripples to the tune of Bb - 54 octaves below the lowest key on a Piano!
  •  Read more »

Mars Mania

Well its that time of the millennium again: I'm sure most of you have heard about the Mars opposition, but for those who have not, the gist of it is that the radius of Mars' eliptical orbit is at its minimum, while Earth's is at its maximum (perhaps an oversimplification).  Read more »

Some Petty Diversions

May I present some interesting links which have found themselves encoded, compressed, transmitted, decoded, and displayed upon my various internet access points around the house, my work, and uni.

Warning: laughter more than likely.  Read more »

Renegade Christian

Moore CJ of the Alabama Supreme Court is stepping up his efforts to retain a 2400kg statue depicting the Christian parable of the ten commandments in the state courthouse.  Read more »

The $5 Diamond

As a long-time lapidarist, I find this quite exciting. I've long been fascinated by the geological processes which serve to create precious gems, but the prospect of being able to own Cd in any sizable quantity is not only cool, but rather practical.  Read more »