Today's Hamburger is Tomorrow's Fuel

We may found have a solution to this planet's growing waste problem. Soon, you'll be able to transform any organic material into a reusable, combustible fuel which - at least according to multi-national automobile conglomerates - is the most precious substance on earth (see previous post).  Read more »

Trojan Horse a Valid Defense

A British Court has acquitted Julian Green, an individual accused of possessing child pornography when police siezed his computer in October 2002.  Read more »

Quae Vide No 3

This week's theme is technological developments. For the new reader, Quade Vide is a weekly column highlighting the author's picks from the web in a particular field. We're always open to suggestions for topics - use the comments feature or send me an e-mail.

Technological Developments:

Compra! Compra!

The rumours were true: ATI is to power Microsoft's next-gen Xbox2 console. Under the just-announced deal, ATI will produce the core graphics processing unit for the next iteration of video game consoles.

Shares of the Markham, Ontario-based graphics chip maker jumped as much as 13 percent to their highest level since March, 2002 ...

Nvidia's stock fell 58 cents, or 3.5 per cent, to $16.20 on Nasdaq with almost 13 million shares traded.  Read more »

A Smarter Water Closet

Apologies for the lack of updates recently; I have been muy ocupado this week. During a brief news catchup this afternoon, I happened upon a rather insightful article into the state of high-tech toiletry. Yes, you heard me - toiletry. Apparently there is quite a large market for programmable toilets - as they are called - in Japan, and manufacturer Toto hopes to broaden their reach to western shores.  Read more »

Legal Ruminations

Quite a few movers and shakers this week, with a major (USD $521 million) settlement being awarded to Eolas Technologies Inc and the University of California, the co-plaintiffs in a recent patent infringement case against Microsoft Corporation.  Read more »

Blaster Seizes Control, Politburo Disbanded

Okay, so that last part was a joke. In stark contrast comes the rapid spread of a new internet worm, which seems to have taken many by surprise and is continuing to infect users with unprecedented rapidity.  Read more »

Points of Interest

In a not-so-startling discovery, scientists have supposedly demonstrated that yawning is contagious, especially between "self-aware or empathic people". The referenced author is perhaps taking things a bit far with the article's title. While I don't doubt yawning is indeed contagious, I question the study's findings; I catch yawns regularly, yet am described by many as the most empathically dimwitted person they've ever met. At any rate, aren't self-awareness and empathy mutually exclusive?  Read more »

US Looks Set to Re-Enter Nuclear Arms Race

Though hyping their recent destruction of chemical weapon supplies, the administration was rather less forthcoming about a meeting which brought together 150 of the United States' top nuclear scientists - of which no mention could be found in any US media.  Read more »

Quae Vide No 2

This entry is a day overdue, but here it is nonetheless. This week's theme is books and literature. Without further ado:

What I'm Reading: