Light Pollution

I'll admit that I laughed when I first saw this, but according to the author, light pollution represents a real and deadly threat to nocturnal moth populations everywhere.

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The $29.5 Million Haskell Question

Sitting in yet another laboratory class writing demeaningly simple programs, my mouse wanders off in search of news.

First up, from Slashdot, comes word of an interesting roundup of bluetooth headsets. I look forward to the day when I can buy a wireless mobile phone hands-free kit for right side of $100 dollars.  Read more »

Boredom Strikes

Waste countless hours in what is possibly the most addictive game since Junkbot and Insaniquarium (which, incidentally, I suggest you check out if you haven't already).  Read more »

AMD Gains on Intel

I wouldn't exactly call this groundbreaking, but AMD reports an 0.1% increase in market share against rival CPU manufacturer Intel Corp. Intel has had great success lately, reaping the rewards of a product which actually performs.  Read more »

RIAA Ignores the Real Pirates

In an insightful article at BBC, Mark Ward describes the true threat to the music industry: street piracy. According to the article:

[t]he pirate CD market is now so big, $4.6bn, it is "of greater value than the legitimate music market of every country in the world, except the USA and Japan".
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Woeful Spring

The first tidings of spring are upon us here in Melbourne, and I bemoan its untimely insurgance upon my cosy winter hideway. It encroaches slowly at first - a glimpse of sun or a day without frost - but then rapidly degenerates into a haze of allergies, heat, and overclocking worries.  Read more »

Unusual Lavatories

And now for something completely different: the Top Ten Urinals of the world (and its geostationary satellites).

My favourite is definitely #6 - the Hong Kong ‘Felix’. Relieving myself in one of those ornate marble pillars would feel far to sacriligious to be able to do so without feeling like I’m desicrating something grand; or maybe I just have a slave mentality.

Apologies to our female readers — not that you should feel excluded (check out #5!).

Buzz Words

Buzz words - is there any greater evil? Throughout the brief but turbulent period in which the IT industry has been subjected to mainstream marketing and its bold visions of compulsive spending, we've seen the rise and fall of a number of catchwords.  Read more »

Itsbay Andway Iecespay

I came across the following links in my weekend travels:

Free Market Assassination

From Kuro5hin, an amusing article about Distributed Denial of Existence (or DDoE) attacks. The premise is this: a collective fund is established in a Swiss bank account to which users who dislike another user may contribute. When the fund for a particular disliked user reaches a certain point, a contract assassin is hired through an escrow service to eliminate them.  Read more »