TiVo’ Patents

A United States federal judge has ruled that the satellite TV provider EchoStar must halt the use of its digital video recorders because it infringed patents held by competitor TiVo.

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Innovation Tautologies

A report on the review of Australia’s innovation patent has found that the system meets its objectives and that changes are not warranted at this time.

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Injunction to Restrain Alleged Patent Infringement by eBay Denied

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has unanimously rejected an application by MercExchange seeking a permanent injunction against eBay to restrain its conduct of online auction services allegedly in contravention of MercExchange’s patents. The case concerned the following facts:  Read more »

BlackBerry Faces New Patent Squeeze

After 10 years of relative obscurity, Visto Inc. hopes its name will soon be linked to the patent case that shuts down the BlackBerry e-mail service. It also wants to be known as the one company in the wireless e-mail business that's not going to be the target of patent litigation. It's sued five companies over its wireless patents in Texas federal court, and so far, a jury has found three patents had been infringed and awarded the company $3.6 million. But some warn that Visto may be overextending itself.  Read more »

Microsoft Seeking to Patent Automatic Censorship

theodp writes "Microsoft is back at the USPTO, this time seeking a patent for the automatic censorship of audio data for broadcast, a system and method for automatically altering audio to prevent undesired words and phrases from being understandable to a listener as originally uttered."

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RIM Strikes Back, Files Countersuit Against Visto

SilentOne writes "Research In Motion Ltd. launched an all-out assault on competitors yesterday, countersuing its latest legal nemesis and introducing software to pre-empt imminent launches by other challengers. The countersuit also gives RIM a chance to move the patent battle to a courtroom where it has a better chance of beating Visto. Visto filed suit against RIM on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, which reportedly favours patent holders in 92% of cases heard by the court.  Read more »

Microsoft and Autodesk Infringed Patents, Jury Rules

z4 Technologies awarded $133m

An entrepreneur has been awarded $133m by a jury in a Texas courtroom after winning his claim that two of his anti-piracy software patents were infringed by Microsoft's Office and Windows XP, and Autodesk's AutoCAD programs.…

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More Bad News for Research in Motion: Another BlackBerry Patent Lawsuit

According to Bloomberg News, 'Research in Motion, which paid $612.5 million to resolve a patent lawsuit in March over its BlackBerry wireless e-mail device, has filed a complaint challenging another company's infringement claims.  Read more »

Rambus Wins $306m from Hynix in Semiconductor Patent Case

‘Rambus has beaten Hynix Semiconductor in its patent infringement case, with a court ordering its rival to pay $306.5 million in damages.  Read more »

Who Are the Real Winners in the Blackberry-RIM Settlement? The Lawyers!

The big news last month was that Research in Motion (‘RIM’) finally reached a settlement with NTP Inc (‘NTP’) in relation to RIM’s production and marketing of the BlackBerry push-email device, which NTP alleged infringed its patent. Pundits were amazed by the terms of settlement, pursuant to which RIM agreed to pay NTP some US$612.5m.  Read more »

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