Site goes live

As far as test posts go, this one should hopefully rank among the more interesting ones. A majority of first posts will wax lyrical about what may or may not be later viewed as an historic occasion for the creation of yet another new discourse about the life and times of Bob's Cat. Others will make undue self-reference to their coetaneousness, paving the way for an aggravatingly self-conscious undertone that is difficult to shake. Only a handful manage to contribute anything meaningful to their site first time round, without a) making blatant and ill-founded attempts at satire, b) resorting to obfuscation or hyperbole, or c) employing puritanical devices such as lists.

Leaving aside the clichés which I have propagated thus far, I pause to reflect upon the question that most sites consider only 5 years after their conception, a question which they probably wished they had attempted in their first post: where do I see the site in five years' time? Hyperbole aside, I see it at the forefront of critical legal commentary with an emphasis on cyberlaw, technology and science, and legal philosophy. Key factors in making it a success will be its closely focused subject matter, keen critical analysis of sources, prolific (and insightful) publication of news items, and a consistent application of syntactical and grammatical rectitude.

There; five years from now I can do a cut and paste job. Delay of gratification - ain't it grand? But I digress. Quality writing and journalistic integrity is what it's all about, and these will be ever-present features of postings and articles here. No ribbon need be cut, nor story told: this site will speak for itself, so to speak. Ahem. On with the show!