Legal Implications of Corporate Weblogging

‘NEW YORK (Reuters) — As Corporate America wades into the burgeoning world of internet weblogs, companies are being warned they could face legal hazards when employees are let loose in the free-wheeling blogosphere. …

What, for instance, would happen if someone at a publicly traded company unwittingly divulged confidential financial information or a trademark secret on one of these Web diaries? There already have been cases of people being fired for writing about life inside their companies on blogs not affiliated with their employers. Experts say the real test will come when courts must consider the legal ramifications of what employees say on corporate blogs.’

‘There’s very, very little case law at this point’, said Paul Arne, co-chairman of the technology group at law firm Morris Manning & Martin LLP. He recently conducted a telephone seminar for other corporate lawyers to discuss blogging.

It’s no surprise that big businesses are increasingly interested in blogs. An estimated 40 000 to 50 000 new blogs are created each day, according to Intelliseek, a technology company that tracks developments in the medium. At Sun Microsystems, about 2,000 employees blog, including President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz.