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Second Semester Begins

1.25am and it's first day of second semester here in blustery Melbourne. As bleary-eyed university students across the nation sleep soundly in their beds (or procrastinate, like I am, well into the night), the refuse bins in university grounds everywhere are, no doubt, being emptied in preparation for the hordes of first-week students that will arrive blundering through the cafeterias and parlaying across the campus later this morning.  Read more »

First Day Back

I was insouciant as I walked through the university gates, this morning. I hadn't even opened my books since the last class of the previous semester, let alone done any study - not out of laziness or disinterest, but purely due to difficult reprioritisation necessitated by a multitude of tasks all requiring my attention. Nor had I paid any attention to my timetable or textbooks, so I found myself staring blankly at maps all morning and asking dumb questions.  Read more »

Settling In

The second day back has not proved nearly as tiresome. The repetitive drudgery of attending classes and travelling to and fro is beginning to impress itself upon me, and already the memories of entire days spent frollicking in the meadows are fading into oblivion; to be replaced by due dates, timetable clashes, and the insistent pressure of having to be in a particular place at a particular time.  Read more »

Cliché of Today: Composition

Walking from the law school to the engineering precinct, my mind made a similar transition from right to left. During the reshuffle, I happened upon the following:

Every moment of my existence is a well-framed photograph.
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Leftism: The New White, Middle-Class Meat

We are in the midst of an ideological war, fought by covert operatives with hidden agendas and a surprising amount of aggression. In a law school dominated by postmodern, feminist, culturally oppressed, marginalised, victimised, patronised, relativist, politically correct (only 1% of whom are able to argue their position with any semblance of coherence), it's cool to be left.  Read more »

Logocentrism and Legal Conceptions of the Subject

It's that time of semester again! Time for another meaty analysis of that legal system so dear to our hearts. This time the unwitting critic is poststructural semiotics - what joy! Time to deconstruct me a gavel to wreak metaphysical havoc...Ahem.  Read more »

A Fresh Take on Public Transportation

Owing to some minor disruptions at Melbourne's equivalent of Grand Central Station, I alighted upon a different train to travel home from university this afternoon.  Read more »

News Update

Now that the university semester has finished, great bounties of news should flow unimpeded for the next three months. In order to increase the breadth of coverage, fewer lengthy discourses about the items will be attempted. Instead, I will attempt to publish an article (or three) every few weeks, which will cover issues in more depth than can be done on the frontpage.  Read more »

Erudition Begins Again

In the days preceding the start of the Melbourne University semester, my sedulous to-do list has grown in length at a rate much faster than that at which I could check off completed items with a perfunctory grin of satisfaction. Indeed, as unfinished summer projects and crates of anti-static storage boxes (don't ask) lie strewn around my room, the semester looms with all the certainty of the gargantuan queue for student diaries come lunch time during orientation week.  Read more »

This is Not an Offer

Exams are upon us, and so, in the midst of fervent indoctrination into the epistemological hierarchy of the contract lawyer, a bounty of doctrines, methodologies, principles, and case law is accumulated and recorded.  Read more »

KC Johnson on Intellectual Diversity in Universities

Jim Lindgren writes that '[t]he historian K C Johnson has an interesting, link-filled article on ideological and intellectual diversity at Inside Higher Ed. ... Johnson ... critiques three excuses for ideological homogeneity:  Read more »

Law Notes and Examinations

Well, it’s that time of year again: examinations and other such unmentionables are upon the Australian law student populace once more. I find myself cursed with a rather unfortunate timetable: system design, property, constitutional and administrative law on consecutive days.

One week from now, I will be opening my constitutional law paper and writing as fast as my digits permit. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of persona designata, audi alteram partem, ultra vires, nemo dat quod non habet, and other such Latin niceties.  Read more »

Life as a Summer Clerk

With the university semester finally completed, it is with mild curiosity that I plunge headlong into the world of corporate law. For four weeks, I will metamorphise into a memorandum-producing, file-juggling, coffee-brewing minion of Higher Powers. With any luck, there will be liberal wining and dining to punctuate said activities. Hopefully, not too many of these stories will eventuate:  Read more »

From Vacation Clerk to Vacationer; or: No Updates for a While

My first summer clerkship concluded yesterday. Today comprised a frenzied assortment of tasks — answering emails, backing up data, packing, cycling — mostly done simultaneously or in interleaving fashion (read: not very efficiently). Tomorrow I leave for an overseas holiday.  Read more »

Onwards, Fourth Year

Three years down, two to go. It seems odd, upon reflection, that my time at university has passed so rapidly, and puzzling — nay, troubling — that my colleagues and I will so imminently be set loose upon the world. And vaguely disconcerting is the realisation that, for all the hard work, study and learning of the past three years, I still have barely to scratch the surface of most areas of law. Fortunately for future students of the law, much of that hard work is encapsulated in the notes I have made freely available on this website.  Read more »

Public Debate at The University of Melbourne

The public debate is an oratory tradition of some standing at the University of Melbourne. I like to think that it brings out the best in interactive (meatspace) scholarship, providing a framework for reflection and catalysing further discussion of the issues.  Read more »

Australian Seasonal Clerkships

For the commercially-inclined penultimate year Victorian law students among us, today is a day of some significance. Offers for seasonal clerkship placements came out this morning — which would you most like to accept?  Read more »

Equity and Trusts Law Notes

This announcement will be of interest primarily to fellow law students. In preparation for next week’s examination, I have uploaded the entirety of my Equity and Trusts notes and summaries to this website for your perusal and edification.

It is a somewhat unfortunate tradition that most law students keep their materials to themselves. In an effort to transcend undergraduate introversions, then, and foster solidarity, I offer the following:  Read more »