Copyright Information

This document forms part of the Agreement between you (User) and Jaani Riordan (Website Operator) by which you may access (Website).

1 Ownership of copyright

With four exceptions, the Website Operator is the owner of copyright in all Content accessible on the Website.

The first exception relates to RSS feeds and other aggregated content. These are owned by their respective authors, and only an insubstantial portion of such Content is ever extracted or reviewed.

The second exception relates to source code forming part of the Drupal content management system, which powers This software is licensed under the General Public License 2.0 (GPL) and used according to its terms. Modifications and extensions are owned by the Website Operator but licensed pursuant to the GPL.

The third exception relates to certain graphics and icons used in weblog entries and other site pages. These icons are, to the author’s knowledge, free for non-commercial use and are used on those terms.

The fourth exception concerns compiled content, such as judicial quotations, works of art and Flash games. Copyright in these works is owned by the Crown, the artist or assignee (or no-one, if in the public domain), and the author, respectively.

Examples of other Content in which the Website Operator retains copyright:

  • Photographs in the visual diary and gallery (artistic works);
  • Written entries in the weblog (literary works);
  • The website interface and look-and-feel (artistic work);
  • The collections of judicial quotations, games and art (databases/literary works); and
  • The law notes, both individually and collectively (literary works).

The User agrees to comply with the Copyright Act 1958 (Cth) (Copyright Act) when accessing and using this Content.

2 Copyright licence

The Website Operator grants the User a licence to use copyright works owned by the Website Operator in the following manner:

Personal use icon


You may use the Content for your own personal use. You can make as many copies as you like, store it however you like, and access it in whatever format you prefer.

Share icon


You may share the Content with others. Give printed copies to your friends, hand it out in lectures, link to it in PowerPoint slides, share it on a peer-to-peer network, and so on. However, don’t host a copy on your own website; just link to the up-to-date version here.

However, this licence is subject to three restrictions. These are as follows:

Non-commercial use icon

Non-commercial use only

You cannot use my Content for commercial purposes. That is, all use must be non-commercial. You can use it in an educational setting even if the course is on a fee-paying basis. Under no circumstances may you sell it, or include it in a package that you sell.

Attribution icon

Attribution must be given

If you reproduce, share or communicate the Content to others, you must not remove my name from it. Any quotations from Content must properly be cited. Under no circumstances may the Content be falsely attributed.

Sharealike icon


If you share or communicate Content to others, it must be licensed to them on these terms. That is, you cannot impose additional restrictions or allow them to do things with the content that you yourself were not able to do. Ideally you should link them to this web page.

The following additional restriction applies to law notes, but not other types of Content:

No modifications icon

No modifications

You may not modify the Content or incorporate it into other works. This means, for example, that you cannot copy and paste sections of the Content into your own notes or summaries without permission from the Website Operator.

The Website Operator may waive or vary any of these conditions at his absolute discretion. You should contact him with any special requests.

Nothing in this licence impairs or restricts the Website Operator’s moral rights in the Content. Nothing in this licence confers upon the User any property rights in the Content.

3 Digital rights management

The foregoing licence is intended to grant consent to the User to break any electronic locks or digital rights management information to the extent necessary to enjoy the terms of the licence, except in relation to the law notes. Digital rights management information may not be altered or removed from any law notes Content or law notes PDF file. The Website Operator reserves the right to take action under Pt V Div 2A of the Copyright Act for any breaches of this clause.

4 Authorisation liability

Nothing on the Website should be taken as authorising, countenancing, sanctioning or approving the infringement of copyrights held by third parties. The Website Operator respects copyright and encourages the User to do the same.

5 Infringement notifications

The Website Operator treats copyright seriously. However, it is also increasingly commonplace for copyright to be used as a weapon to silence cyber-critics or object to the content or message of digital materials rather than their providence. The author invites copyright owners to report any suspected infringements of their rights. Infringement notifications should state clearly the URL of the content to which the complaint relates, the date at which the content first appeared, the basis for asserting ownership of the material, and the reason for suspecting infringement. If the Website Operator thinks the complaint is justified he will take swift action to remove the offending content. However, if a defence is applicable or ownership cannot be established then the Website Operator reserves the right not to take action.

6 User copyrights

Users retain copyright in any comments they author and post to the Website (Contributed Content), to the extent that it subsists. However, the User grants an irrevocable and perpetual licence to the Website Operator to use, communicate, reproduce, transmit and otherwise deal with the Contributed Content in relation to the Website or for related purposes. This licence may be transferred, and no restrictions are placed on the scope of the licence unless otherwise agreed in writing.