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1    Disclaimer of warranties

The Website is not authored by an expert. Although dealing with broadly legal subject matter, all information accessible on the Website (Content) is not legal advice, and is not held out or intended to be treated as such. No warranties as to the accuracy, suitability or currency of any of that information is provided. In particular, no warranty is given that:

  • the law is or was once as described;
  • news reports are accurate or up-to-date;
  • the Content is relevant or appropriate to your purpose (whatever that may be); or
  • the Website functions as described or expected.

Instead, the Content is provided as general background and for amusement and reflection upon an interesting field. It is not a substitute for legal advice, so you should seek professional assistance and not rely upon the Content.

2    No solicitor–client relationship

Your use of the Website, including any Content communicated to you, is not intended to create — and does not in fact create — a solicitor–client relationship between you and the Website Operator or any contributor thereto.

3    Limitation of liability

Any liability arising out of or connected with the Content is limited to the resupply of the Content or the reasonable cost that resupply. This limitation does not apply if it would breach an applicable mandatory rule.

The Website Operator will never be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including lost profits, arising in relation to the Content.

4    General indemnity

The User agrees to grant the Website Operator a general indemnity in respect of any loss or damage arising out of the User’s use of or access to the Content, as well as any loss or damage suffered by third parties in connection with the Content or the User.

In other words, the Website Operator is not legally responsible to you or any other person for loss or damage suffered in connection with your or their use of the Content. The Website Operator makes no representations about the Content or the Website. To the extent allowed by law, any liability arising from the User’s access to the Content or the Website is excluded.

5    Specific indemnities

5.1    Third party content

The Website Operator does not have any control over content provided by third parties. As such, each of the exclusions stated above also applies to this content; in particular, no warranty is given as to its accuracy.

5.2    Intellectual property

By posting or linking to third party content, the Website Operator does not represent that you may reproduce, communicate or otherwise use that content for your own purposes. If you infringe third party intellectual property rights — whether by something you post on this Website or by doing anything else — you will be responsible. Moreover, you agree to indemnify the Website Operator to the extent your interactions with this Website infringe third party intellectual property (or other) rights in a way that harms the Website Operator.

5.3    External links

No responsibility is assumed for the content or off-site links. You indemnify the website operator for any loss or damage incurred as a result of you visiting an external link.

5.4    Technical faults

Although the Website Operator takes pride in his technical workmanship, this site is (regrettably) unlikely to be free faults or of defects. No representation is given that the Website or its Content are free from defects, and any loss or damage caused by those defects are to lie with the User, who indemnifies the Website Operator for such losses or damages. In other words: your access to this website is free, so live with it.

6    Misleading information

This is a not-for-profit website made available to the general public on non-commercial terms. The Website Operator in good faith believes that the Content provided is not generally done in trade or commerce. Although parts of the site (product recommendations, donations) may have commercial elements, all other Content is non-commercial and any duties are disclaimed accordingly, to the extent permitted by law.

Because this is a personal website predominantly authored and operated by an individual natural person, authored in his capacity as such, some Content may be misleading. Unless to do so would contravene a mandatory rule of the forum in which you reside, you agree not to take action for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of being so misled, and agree to indemnify the Website Operator in connection with any misleading Content.

7    Right of contribution

The Website Operator reserves a right of contribution in any action brought against the Website Operator in respect of postings for which the User is partially or wholly responsible.

8    Electronic communications

The publication of the Website Operator’s personal contact details on the Website is not intended to give rise to an inference that he consents to receiving unsolicited commercial communications via those channels.