Settling In

The second day back has not proved nearly as tiresome. The repetitive drudgery of attending classes and travelling to and fro is beginning to impress itself upon me, and already the memories of entire days spent frollicking in the meadows are fading into oblivion; to be replaced by due dates, timetable clashes, and the insistent pressure of having to be in a particular place at a particular time.  Read more »

Adjectival Conjoinment

Here's something that's been keeping me amused for the past couple of days. The voice acting is above par, the flash animation is of a high calibre, and the antics of this Mexican boxing mask may (or may not) have you in stiches:

Read post. Click on link. Hilarity ensues!

First Day Back

I was insouciant as I walked through the university gates, this morning. I hadn't even opened my books since the last class of the previous semester, let alone done any study - not out of laziness or disinterest, but purely due to difficult reprioritisation necessitated by a multitude of tasks all requiring my attention. Nor had I paid any attention to my timetable or textbooks, so I found myself staring blankly at maps all morning and asking dumb questions.  Read more »

Second Semester Begins

1.25am and it's first day of second semester here in blustery Melbourne. As bleary-eyed university students across the nation sleep soundly in their beds (or procrastinate, like I am, well into the night), the refuse bins in university grounds everywhere are, no doubt, being emptied in preparation for the hordes of first-week students that will arrive blundering through the cafeterias and parlaying across the campus later this morning.  Read more »

Site goes live

As far as test posts go, this one should hopefully rank among the more interesting ones. A majority of first posts will wax lyrical about what may or may not be later viewed as an historic occasion for the creation of yet another new discourse about the life and times of Bob's Cat. Others will make undue self-reference to their coetaneousness, paving the way for an aggravatingly self-conscious undertone that is difficult to shake.  Read more »