The Sony Playstation

GLEESON CJ: You will explain to us how you find a matching bet?

MR S J GAGELER SC: I will, yes. That brings me to the little demonstration, your Honours. Your Honours ought have a bundle of material which is entitled “Demonstration of Online Betting”.

HAYNE J: How much of this is on the CD?

MR GAGELER: This is all on the CD, your Honour. On the CD it is——

KIRBY J: We had a Playstation shown to us in Sony and it was very exciting. Why did you not try that?

MR GAGELER: This is more fun.

KIRBY J: It is one of the most exciting things that has happened in my time here.

Citation: Betfair Pty Ltd v Western Australia [2007] HCATrans 634


ROFL, Kirby lane - ‘why

ROFL, Kirby lane - ‘why did you not try that?’