A wayward Chevy struck a tree

Aspiring poet-judges take note, for this is possibly the best (or worst) example of judicial prose in the brief history of the genre.

A wayward Chevy struck a tree
Whose owner sued defendants three.
He sued car’s owner, driver, too,
And insurer for what was due
For his oak tree that now may bear
A lasting need for tender care.

The Oakland County Circuit Court,
John N O’Brian, J, set forth
The judgment that defendants sought,
And quickly an appeal was brought.
Court of Appeals, J H Gillis, J,
Gave thought and then had this to say:

1) There is no liability,
Since No-Fault grants immunity,
2) No jurisdiction can be found
Where process service is unsound;

And thus the judgment, as it’s termed
Is due to be, and is

Citation: 333 NW 2d 67 (Mich App, 1983) (citations omitted)