McHugh J


KIRBY J: What is a wuss?

MR P J HANKS QC: I think in Victoria it is a wooz.

KIRBY J: What is it?

McHUGH J: It is you when you drink only one glass of beer.

KIRBY J: I would not fall out of the window.

CALLINAN J: This is real Clint Eastwood, John Wayne stuff.

Citation: Roncevich v Repatriation Commission (2005) 222 CLR 115


An old classic.

CALLINAN J: Mr Jackson, it seems to me that clearly the people at the party, including Ms Joslyn and Mr Berryman, went out with the intention of getting drunk.

MR D F JACKSON QC: It would be a big night, your Honour, big night.

CALLINAN J: With the intention of getting drunk and they fulfilled that intention.

MR JACKSON: Well, your Honour, young people sometimes——  Read more »

Citation: Joslyn v Berryman (2003) 214 CLR 552
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