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The Linklog is a data feed from various social bookmarking sites that I frequent. It contains short entries deemed interesting but — whether because their subject matter is not directly related to the themes of this website (internet law and technology regulation) or simply for reasons of convenience — not justifying a full weblog entry. The format is simple: a title with a link to the aggregator source, and a one-line description.

Note that neither the titles nor descriptions are my own — they remain, with any associated errors, the work of the people who submitted each item to the feed from which each was derived.

BitTorrent Users Refuse To Pay Copyright Fines

During the last couple of years, hundreds of people have received letters from lawyers demanding compensation for the alleged uploading of copyright works. Their demands state that if you don’t pay up, you will be taken to court and dealt with severely. However, when people refuse to pay - nothing happens.

Top 25 Photoshop Pictures of May 2008

Below are the top 25 highest scoring entries submitted in may 2008 on PST… taken from all photoshop contests that were active during that month.

APOD: M51 Hubble Remix

The 51st entry in Charles Messier’s famous catalog is perhaps the original spiral nebula - a large galaxy with a well defined spiral structure also cataloged as NGC 5194.

The iPhone 3G FAQ

Here’s everything you wanted to know about the iPhone 3G.

Amazing plant life - ancient seed sprouts after 2,000 years

Forget cryopreservation – hot and dry conditions might be all you need to awake far into the future. A date palm seed some 2000 years old – preserved by nothing more than storage in hot and dry conditions – has germinated, making it the oldest seed in the world to do so.

10 Signs Yahoo! Made The Right Move

The Yahoo! chief ended talks with Microsoft and did a deal with Google. Here’s how we’ll know he made the best choice.

Map of the World's Religions

Here is an interesting map of the world’s religions.

Australia calls shenanigans on eBay PayPal-only policy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is not quite feelin’ eBay’s plans to go PayPal-only in Australia, and has issued a draft notice rejecting the proposal. The ACCC said that eBay’s proposed conduct might allow the company to abuse its power and ultimately eliminate competition in the market where PayPal operates.

iPhone 3G is finally official!

cheaper, global, and better.

Digital copyright: it's all wrong.The ACTA draft is Scary.

A draft treaty proposes draconian measures to protect copyright.The US (surprise, surprise) has circulated a draft (ACTA) for the next G8 meeting. Any border guard, in any treaty country, can check any electronic device for any content that they suspect infringes copyright laws. They need no proof, only suspicion.

World War 2.0, A look at the new age of Cyber-Warfare

In spring 2007, Estonia’s banks and newspapers were shut down by an organized wide-scale cyber-attack using ‘botnets and other “Cyber-warefare” methods, in this Wired Science video they take an in depth look at how this happened and how Cyber-warfare similar to this will be fought and what governments/organizations can do to deter it.

Why can't the news be like this?

Don’t bother clicking the links. These idyllic headlines only exist in fantasy. But it’s nice to dream of a better world….

Mars dirt fails to reach lander's testing oven

The first sample of Martian dirt dumped onto the opening of the Phoenix lander’s tiny testing oven failed to reach the instrument, and scientists said Saturday that they will devote a few days to trying to determine the cause.

Transportation Bill Gives $45 Million To Maglev Project

A new transportation bill signed by Bush on Friday would free up $45 million to build the U.S.’s first maglev train. The train will travel between Disneyland and Las Vegas at up to 300 mph and is meant to help ease traffic on the 250+ mile ride on Interstate 15.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

You may have noticed that Google has a new favicon, the small icon you see in your browser next to the URL or in your bookmarks list. Some people have wondered why we changed our favicon — after all, we hadn’t in 8.5 years(!). The reason is that we wanted to develop a set of icons that would scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone

Police quiz photographer over nude shots

Police have interviewed photographer Bill Henson about an art exhibition featuring nude shots of teenagers.
The exhibition was to open at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery in the Sydney suburb of Paddington last night.
The gallery agreed to suspend the exhibition while police conduct interviews.

Linking to movies leads to $4 million in fines

Two more sites have been fined some $4 million for enabling copyright infringement by linking to illegal movies and TV shows. The MPAA hails the judgments as a victory, even if the sites weren’t hosting the copyrighted material themselves.

Bell Continues to Throttle BitTorrent Traffic

Bell, one of the Canadian ISPs known for its BitTorrent throttling practices, launched its very own video download store this week. So, efficient BitTorrent is throttled for being a bandwidth hog, but customers are still able to download movies at full speed - as long as they use Bell’s service, that is.

Yahoo Earnings Beat Wall Street Targets

Yahoo’s first-quarter earnings were good enough to trump Wall Street estimates. Now the question is whether they’re good enough to get Steve Ballmer & Co. to bump the price they’re willing to pay for Yahoo.

European Comission Wants a Better Game Ratings System

The European Commission wants a stronger ratings system for games, one that would encompass the entire European Union. The challenges—as well as the possible rewards—are great.

Four Abandoned Stations of the London Underground (+PICS)

Every day, three million people use the 268 stations and the 253 miles of track. But what about those stations that have long since gone, which history has neglected? Which stations got left behind?

Greenwashed! How to spot the travel industry's eco-lies

Lofty promises made by airlines peddling gimmicky carbon offsets, resorts hawking convoluted green initiatives and companies with shiny new fleets of high-maintenance cars to rent.

Fallout 3 impressions, new details, images!

We got to check out the latest build of Bethesda’s Fallout 3. Pete Hines talks about endings (now up to 500!), character voices (50+), downloadable content, game size and more! Also, three new screenshots including a trigger-happy Brotherhood of Steel soldier.

The Fight to Own Yahoo: Five Possible Scenarios

Rumors are flying that Yahoo is teaming up with AOL, the long-suffering Internet division of Time Warner, as a way to stave off an unwanted merger.While many industry watchers still believe that Microsoft will gobble up Yahoo eventually, chances are it will have to pay a lot more for its meal. Here are five possible scenarios to consider.

Emissions Trading: The Pros and Cons

A simple economic analysis I wrote about the pros and cons of emissions trading as a means to tackle global warming.