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The Linklog is a data feed from various social bookmarking sites that I frequent. It contains short entries deemed interesting but — whether because their subject matter is not directly related to the themes of this website (internet law and technology regulation) or simply for reasons of convenience — not justifying a full weblog entry. The format is simple: a title with a link to the aggregator source, and a one-line description.

Note that neither the titles nor descriptions are my own — they remain, with any associated errors, the work of the people who submitted each item to the feed from which each was derived.

Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button Costs Them $110 Million/Year

Because the button takes users directly to the top search result, Google doesn’t get to show search ads on one percent of all its searches. That costs the company around $110 million in annual revenue, according to Rapt’s Tom Chavez. So why does Google keep such a costly button around?

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is a winner

From the page (Upon loading the new beta release for the first time, one thing that impressed me, aside from its blinding speed, was that Mozilla has not attempted to fiddle with the look and feel of the interface) according to the author this version is a winner browser, the time will say.

How to take a course at MIT free -- at home

“You may not have the grades, the money or even the means to get to a physics class with one of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s best lecturers.”

World Map: Who Has the Oil? [Pic]

World map of oil reserves and consumption. Scaled to the amount of oil reserves countries have.

Google may get its open-access wishes after all; will bid in 700MHz auction

Google now says that it is preparing for a bid in the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction, but no one is yet sure just what the Big G has in mind. Our thoughts inside.

Flickr Hits Two Billion Photo Uploads

Two billion photo uploads on Flickr. That’s a lot of f****n’ photos. You’ll be glad to know that Flickr staffers have spent the past weeks placing bets on the exact date and time for passing the milestone, which went down sometime on Sunday.

Law Blog Trademark Trial Of the Day: Tiffany v. eBay

Who is responsible for the policing of counterfeit products on eBay?If you think that’s an interesting question and you’re here in Gotham, hightail it down to Judge Richard Sullivan’s courtroom in the Southern District where a bench trial gets underway today pitting Tiffany against the online auctioneer. Legal experts say a win for Tiffany [.]

EU probes Google-DoubleClick deal

Regulators will look into whether the $3.1 billion acquisition raises anti-competitive concerns. Again EU ?

Unbelievable Egg City! Real Photos

Perhaps the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 100% amazing.

Demonoid Down [AGAIN]: Hosts Threatened by CRIA

The Canadian Record Industry Association threatened the company renting to them, so they’re down again.

California to Sue United States Government over Greenhouse Gas Emissions

California sued the federal government on Thursday to force a decision about whether the state can impose the nation’s first greenhouse gas emission standards for cars and light trucks.

A New Vaccine for HIV Has Been Created: 90% of Subjects Developed Immunity

A Swedish HIV vaccine study conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet (KI), Karolinska University Hospital and the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) has produced surprisingly good results. Over 90 per cent of the subjects in the phase 1 trials developed an immune response to HIV.

Google and Friends to Gang Up on Facebook

Google and some of the Web’s leading social networks are teaming up to take on Facebook. On Thursday, an alliance of companies led by Google plans to begin introducing a common set of standards to allow software developers to write programs for Google’s social network, Orkut, as well as others, including LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo and Ning.

Caught: Australia's Next Prime Minister Munching on Ear Wax

Meet Kevin Rudd, the next Prime Minister Down Under by all predictions, acting as only a certain cowboy president I know of might do.

Daniel Craig Returning as James Bond in 4 More Films

We already know Daniel Craig will be returning as James Bond in the 22nd film that’s currently shooting and due out next November, but that’s not it. MGM president Harry Sloan has confirmed that they’re bringing back Daniel Craig for four more James Bond films, making him the star in at least five total. How does he shape up to the other Bonds?

Engadget - Leopard vs. Vista: feature chart showdown

Vista and Leopard are both extremely advanced, feature rich consumer operating systems. But way back in January when Vista launched knew we had little choice but pit the two in a head to head chartngraph Thunderdome competition. We know we’re not even going to be able to stop the epic fanboy arguments about break out over this one…

6 years later - the evolution of the iPod (Pictures)

Sunday will mark 6 years since Apple first released the iPod. This gallery takes a look at the evolution of the iPod and the changes that have been introduced throughout the last 6 years, culminating with the Touch.

P2P vs Radiohead's "free" Rainbows: why P2P can be a hard habit to break

Radiohead’s innovative digital distribution arrangement for their new album, In Rainbows, lets people pay whatever they want for the music, including nothing at all. Despite that, BitTorrent swapping of the album has been on the level of other major releases.

Google unveils YouTube antipiracy tool

Google on Monday unveiled a new system for identifying pirated video on YouTube as it gets uploaded, but the system puts the burden on movie studios and other content owners to provide YouTube copies of the content first.

World's Most Expensive Homes 2007 [PICS]

Along Australia’s Gold Coast and across the French Riviera, they sit above the beach offering extraordinary views of the sea. In the U.K. they are palaces that humble the Queen’s Belgravia mansions.

Exploits of a Mom (xkcd)

A mother’s wrath against poorly sanitized data inputs.

Amazing windsuit flying video

Basejumpers wearing windsuits fly inches from the walls of mountains.

BioShock vs. Halo 3

It’s not easy to choose between two obvious Game of the Year candidates, but in reality, not everyone can afford to buy every game out there. So we pose the question: If you had to choose, would you buy BioShock or Halo 3? We break each game down into eight categories to see who emerges victorious.

Google Hacking Made Easy!

Audio Raider uses the Google AJAX Search API to uncover open directories of music files. Not only is Audio Raider easier than trying to remember than complex Google strings, it filters out the spam results. While P2P is monitored, these directories are not. Download safely without the RIAA!