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New Site Design: v 1.08

This post commemorates the launch of v 1.08.

The website back-end has been completely revamped. It now runs a state-of-the-art Drupal-powered content management system loaded to the hilt customised modules and extensions.

New Content Management System

I've redesigned the site interface and upgraded the backend to Movable Type 3.14. The main website design is partially inspired by a phpBB skin I once encountered, and is intended to be accessible but interesting. The pallete is muted and consists primarily of pastel tones. I welcome feedback on the new design -- in particular, any problems or errors your encounter. Over the coming weeks, I will import existing entries, reconstruct categories and site taxonomies, and continue to refine the interface. New features I intend to implement include:

Holiday News

The flood of news will stem to a trickle for the next three weeks as I take some time off in sunny Byron Bay, Australia to surf, read, and play computer games. I will continue to update the visual diary with some (hopefully) rather more interesting holiday snaps, and the new site design should also be completed by the time I return (in a spurt of wrapping-evasion productivity). Until then, have a nice holiday/late night working/shopping/celebrating the relevant non-secular festivity.

Visual Diary

What better time to begin an abitious project than 3 weeks before end of semester exams? It is probably an indication of the extent of my procrastination to note the inverse correlation between amount of free time and quantity of posts. At any rate, astute readers will notice a new addition to the navigation bar to your right: the Visual Diary.  Read more »

The Bachelor: Housetrained Edition

Reality televsion puns aside, I'm on my own for 2 weeks while my parent is overseas. No doubt most would relish the occaision for uninterrupted perambulation, but I dread the associated drudgery of additional residential maintenance. I do not own a dishwasher, measurements on all of the appliances are imperial, and my alarm clock has a nasty habit of not going off.  Read more »

New Photos Added

I uploaded some more files to the gallery. The new album contains phtographs of the University of Melbourne grounds which I took on first day of semester.

More photos are yet to come. In the interim, I suggest you check out Decibel for some stunning photography and a most excellent site-design. That photographer sure gets around!

I think it's time to go to bed now.

Equality and Law

I stumbled upon an interesting idea in one of my law lectures today: substantive equality is impossible. I say substantive (as opposed to formal) equality in the sense that measures are taken to reduce pre-existing negative social offset by actively promoting disadvantaged persons or sectors of the community. It is not possible because we cannot construct a society of clones.  Read more »

Site goes live

As far as test posts go, this one should hopefully rank among the more interesting ones. A majority of first posts will wax lyrical about what may or may not be later viewed as an historic occasion for the creation of yet another new discourse about the life and times of Bob's Cat. Others will make undue self-reference to their coetaneousness, paving the way for an aggravatingly self-conscious undertone that is difficult to shake.  Read more »

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