'Brazen Theft' at Sydney Airport

According to The Age, two men "of Middle Eastern appearance" were successful in a cunning theft of several million dollars worth of high-tech mainframe computers from the cargo and intelligence centre of Sydney International Airport.

Authorities are more concerned about the use to which data contained on the servers will be put than the loss of the equipment (they have backups, right?), noting that terrorists have the most to gain (though the Australian Customs Office was quick to deny the loss of any sensitive information).

The theft went something along the lines of The Thomas Crowne Affair:

They presented themselves to the security desk as technicians sent by Electronic Data Systems, the outsourced customs computer services provider that regularly sends people to work on computers after office hours.

[...]They spent two hours disconnecting two computers. They put them on trolleys and wheeled them past the security desk, into the lift and out of the building.

The theft took place on 27 August, but I'm not surprised it hasn't come to light until now. The security staff must be rather embarrassed, especially since they didn't even bat an eyelid as several servers were wheeled right past them! I suspect that the airport management have been in silent denial about the incident for the past week. More information as it comes to hand.