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Senate approves full Telstra sale

The Senate has passed the legislation authorising the full sale of Telstra after the key Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce voted with the Federal Government.

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What Michael Dell Believes

Commentary: Michael Dell talks with us about PC gaming, expanding service, HD-DVD and why he's confident that Intel will eventually beat AMD.

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Google, Sun take on Microsoft Office

Internet search king Google and US tech giant Sun Microsystems are teaming up to offer free spreadsheet and word-processing software online in a head-on challenge to rival Microsoft.

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AT&T, MCI Near New Phase of Rivalry

The rivalry between AT&T and MCI may soon take new shape. Acquisition of the long-distance firms will put the nation's two biggest phone companies, SBC and Verizon, in heightened competition for the same business customers.

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Autodesk announces buyout of Alias

Autodesk, makers of AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max, has announced it will be purchasing Alias, makers of Maya, for US$182 million. Will this move eliminate competition in the 3D content creation arena?

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UK online ad market spend sets new record

Spending on online advertising in the UK looks set to top £1bn in the UK for the first time, fuelled by increased use of broadband.…

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Digital music revenues soar

iTunes and co. takes $350m

The music industry made $440m out of digital music during the first half of 2005, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) trade group said today.…

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Large Firms Discover New Marketing Tool: Blogs

No longer seen as mere forums for law gossip or associate griping, blogs are becoming a marketing tool for large law firms eager to create a buzz about their practice areas. Although the blogs vary in degree of interactivity, they're all geared toward getting out specific legal information -- and the firm name. Large-firm blogging's growing popularity represents an evolution in the use of the technology, which up until recently seemed to be mainly the domain of individual lawyers and small practices.  Read more »

In-House Attorneys Become IT Gatekeepers

When it comes to e-discovery, many in-house counsel still find themselves in over their heads, at a time when the stakes have risen dramatically, with plaintiffs winning huge awards by going after e-mails. As a result, many proactive corporate counsel are having to take on yet another role: that of a liaison between the information technology staff and the company's business units. For many, it's meant a steep learning curve in data storage.

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Fight Between Level 3, Cogent Hits Web Users

Some Internet users have been unable to access certain Web sites and email services due to a dispute between Level 3 and Cogent.

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Tech Shares Fall Ahead of Earnings Season

Tech stocks fell Thursday, as investors braced for earnings season. Shares of Check Point and Sharper Image slumped, while Viisage skyrocketed.

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AOL buys Weblogs Inc

Weblogs Inc has been snapped up by AOL for a cool US$25 million, but AOL plans to sit back and collect ad revenue, not change the direction of the company.

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Disney offers 'Desperate' iTunes downloads

Opening the door to a new revenue stream for television content, Walt Disney says it will begin offering next-day digital downloads of shows such as Desperate Housewives and Lost hits for $US1.99 ($A2.63) per episode.

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Google gets charitable

The search giant makes good on a US$1 billion pledge to set up a philanthropic arm of the company. Their business success is undisputed, but nonprofits are a whole new ballgame.

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Feds OK Adobe-Macromedia Merger

The Department of Justice has approved Adobe's $3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia despite earlier concerns about a lack of viable competition in the market. Microsoft is in the final stages of developing products to rival Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat -- good news for antitrust enforcers but likely to cause concern at Adobe, which, thus far, has managed to avoid a direct showdown with Microsoft.

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Faced With Data Explosion, Law Firms Tap Temp Attorneys

To avoid being buried in piles of discovery documents, many law firms are relying more on temporary attorneys. Firms commonly bring in contract attorneys via agreements with staffing agencies -- but, increasingly, corporate clients are taking bids from agencies and guiding the selection of contract attorneys who will work with law firms. Whoever guides the hiring, the demand for temp attorneys is expected to grow: estimates are that the electronic discovery market will rise to $2.9 billion by 2007.  Read more »

Venture Capital Flows to Firms Targeting ID Theft

Venture-capital firms in this year's first six months pumped as much as $70 million into companies selling anti-ID theft software vs. about $101 million for all of 2004.

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Google tops $1.5bn in Q3

It's considerably richer than Yahoo!

The Google money making machine stormed through Q3 2005, grossing $1.578bn in revenues and clearing a profit of $381m. That's up from $1.384bn and $342m in Q2, and $1.256bn and $369m in Q1 respectively. Earning per share was $1.32 (diluted), up from $1.19 per share in Q2.…

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Memory Manufacturers Fight to Supply Flash MP3 Players

'Toshiba is battling Samsung Electronics for control of the market for the advanced memory chips at the heart of portable music devices like the Apple iPod Nano.'

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China the World's Largest IT Supplier

'After almost a decade of explosive growth in its electronics sector, China has pushed past the US in exports of information and communication technology.'

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Yahoo! Buys del.icio.us

'Yahoo[!]'s courtship with the blogging world got a little deeper yesterday when they agreed to buy "social bookmarking" site del.icio.us. What's on the menu?'

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Microsoft to Invest in Indian Software Development

'Microsoft will pump $1.7bn into India over the next four years, in the process creating 3&nsbp;000 new jobs. Most of the cash will, according to Bill Gates, go towards improving the software giant's research and development capabilities.'

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Google among Top Three US Brands

'Google has stormed an annual poll measuring public reputations and perceptions of the "most valuable" companies in US corporate culture.'

I suppose this goes some way towards explaining their USD$400 stock price.

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Adobe Completes Macromedia Acquisition

'Adobe has completed the acquisition of Macromedia Software and is marking territory on day one by hawking three bundles combining software from both companies.'

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eBay Removes Infringing Auctions

eBay's liability for auctions of pirated and other illicit material have long remained a point of contention among pundits. Now it seems the company is finally taking matters into its own hands, proactively working with Microsoft to prevent and detect pirated software being listed. Microsoft claims that already more than 21 000 auctions have been pulled between August and October 2005.  Read more »