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Adjectival Conjoinment

Here's something that's been keeping me amused for the past couple of days. The voice acting is above par, the flash animation is of a high calibre, and the antics of this Mexican boxing mask may (or may not) have you in stiches:

Read post. Click on link. Hilarity ensues!

Quae Vide

Each Friday, I'll try to collate a summary of interesting links, reviews, and articles upon which I have stumbled throughout the week. The links will be presented with minimum commentary, but are hand-picked for quality and categorised for convience. Here are the first Quae Vide picks. This week's theme is science and technology.
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Free Market Assassination

From Kuro5hin, an amusing article about Distributed Denial of Existence (or DDoE) attacks. The premise is this: a collective fund is established in a Swiss bank account to which users who dislike another user may contribute. When the fund for a particular disliked user reaches a certain point, a contract assassin is hired through an escrow service to eliminate them.  Read more »

Itsbay Andway Iecespay

I came across the following links in my weekend travels:

Unusual Lavatories

And now for something completely different: the Top Ten Urinals of the world (and its geostationary satellites).

My favourite is definitely #6 - the Hong Kong ‘Felix’. Relieving myself in one of those ornate marble pillars would feel far to sacriligious to be able to do so without feeling like I’m desicrating something grand; or maybe I just have a slave mentality.

Apologies to our female readers — not that you should feel excluded (check out #5!).

Boredom Strikes

Waste countless hours in what is possibly the most addictive game since Junkbot and Insaniquarium (which, incidentally, I suggest you check out if you haven't already).  Read more »

Quae Vide No 2

This entry is a day overdue, but here it is nonetheless. This week's theme is books and literature. Without further ado:

What I'm Reading:

Compra! Compra!

The rumours were true: ATI is to power Microsoft's next-gen Xbox2 console. Under the just-announced deal, ATI will produce the core graphics processing unit for the next iteration of video game consoles.

Shares of the Markham, Ontario-based graphics chip maker jumped as much as 13 percent to their highest level since March, 2002 ...

Nvidia's stock fell 58 cents, or 3.5 per cent, to $16.20 on Nasdaq with almost 13 million shares traded.  Read more »

Quae Vide No 3

This week's theme is technological developments. For the new reader, Quade Vide is a weekly column highlighting the author's picks from the web in a particular field. We're always open to suggestions for topics - use the comments feature or send me an e-mail.

Technological Developments:

Some Petty Diversions

May I present some interesting links which have found themselves encoded, compressed, transmitted, decoded, and displayed upon my various internet access points around the house, my work, and uni.

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A Tale of Two Halves

This week's raging controversy involves the premature release of source code to a hotly anticipated game into the wild by an unknown cracker. The game, of course, is Half-Life 2, and its developer, Valve. Well, it seems that Valve has sprung a leak, so to speak...  Read more »

Quae Vide: iNews

There is an interesting Xbox plexiglass modification here, which turns an unassuming black plastic cuboid into a horrid display of light and sound.  Read more »

Foiled Trains and Precious Dolls

This Japanese site has some remarkable panoramic images of the region's passenger trains. Dozens of photos have been stitched together to produce a single image spanning the length of the train. This one, in particular, is quite cool.  Read more »

New From Ikea: Inkönvenient

The Morning News has a hilarious piece satirising everyone's favourite chipboard furniture manufacturer, Ikea, and their infamous self-serve stores which would have even a Zen master red in the face. The article takes the form of a video game walkthough:  Read more »

Matchstick Rockets

Ever wanted to build a chemically propelled projectile device but were disuaded by the cost and lack of legal scapegoats in the event of injury?  Read more »

EA Employees File Second Class Action against Game Publisher

An engineer working for leading electronic video game publisher Electronic Arts has become the second staff member to file a class action lawsuit against the company, seeking back pay, damages and penalties for unpaid overtime:  Read more »

The Myopia of Classical Labels

As the BBC prepares to announce the tremendous success of its free Beethoven downloads, the Independent reports that classical labels are less than rhapsodic:  Read more »

Apple's iPod Interface Patent in Jeopardy

Gadget Guy writes "Apple has been denied on their quest to patent the iPod software interface. According to AppleInsider - 'Standing in Apple's way appears to be a prior filing by inventor John Platt, who submitted a patent application for a similar software design for a portable device in May of 2002 - just five months before Robbin submitted his claims on behalf of Apple.'" The Register also helps to shed a little additional light on the subject.

Originally by ScuttleMonkey at Slashdot: Your Rights Online, 12:25 PM  Read more »

ACCC considers extending APRA’s monopoly

'APRA's monopoly over Australian and international performing rights is set to continue, following a draft decision by the competition watchdog to re-authorise its collective administration arrangements.'

Originally by CCH Australia, 8:36 PM

US Finals complete for the 2005 World Cyber Games Championships

The World Cyber Games completed its United States finals on September 10th. Does competitive video game playing have a future as a professional sport in North America?

Originally by Ars Technica, 8:46 PM

Video Game Industry to Sue Michigan's Governor

'A news release at Warcry writes that the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) plans on filing suit in Michigan to overturn the recent Violent Games Act.'  Read more »

MP3 Company Refuses to Pay Swedish Copyright Levy

'Swedish MP3 player manufacturer Jens is to be hauled before the courts for flatly refusing to pay a charge designed to compensate copyright owners whose music is copied to a different format for private use, reports news site The Local. Jens says the surcharge, administered by Copyswede, is unreasonable and that "it's not our problem that the record industry hasn't come up with its own solution". Apparently Apple doesn't pay it on their iPods either.'

Originally by Hemos at Slashdot: Your Rights Online, 5:18 PM  Read more »

Electronic Arts Settles Overtime Lawsuit

Electronic Arts agreed to settle a suit by ex-employees who say the videogame firm owes them overtime pay.

Originally by WSJ.com: What's News Technology, 9:43 PM

Legal music downloads soar as CD sales fall

CD sales keep dropping, but there's some good news for the music industry in the form of sales via download. Will the trend continue if the RIAA, et al start messing with pricing models?

Originally by Ars Technica, 9:49 PM

Outspoken Group Releases Album as Free Download

SirNuke writes "Harvey Danger, a Seattle based rock band, has released their newest album Little by little for free mp3 download. They are doing this partially as an Internet publicity experiment, and partially as a stand against the Music Industry's attack on filesharing. From their website, 'In preparing to self-release our new album, we thought long and hard about how best to use the internet.  Read more »