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American E-Voting The Subject of Sweeping Reforms

According to this press release, several US congressmen are proposing to rectify some of the problems associated with last year’s electronic presidential ballots, including requirements that operating code be open source and machines leave a paper trail:  Read more »

Cabinet Paves Way for Telstra Sale

Federal Cabinet has approved a $3 billion plan for regional telecommunications that will pave the way for the full sale of Telstra.

The plan includes a $2 billion fund to pay for service upgrades in regional Australia in the future.

Mr Costello says the plan will resolve the issue of Telstra's ownership once and for all. "It can ensure there is open competition," he said. "It can safeguard services in rural and regional Australia.

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Public Interest Groups Up in Arms About New .xxx TLD

'The United States [government] has asked the Internet's regulator to postpone the creation of a new ".xxx" domain for sex-oriented web sites, citing an "unprecedented" level of protests.'  Read more »

San Francisco Wants the Internet to be Free

The city by the bay moves forward in its effort to provide broadband access for all. Meanwhile, a study shows the US is falling farther behind at doing just that.

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Holland on the Failure of Law in Cyberspace

H Brian Holland, of Barry University School of Law, has published an article entitled 'The Failure of the Rule of Law in Cyberspace? Reorienting the Normative Debate on Borders and Territorial Sovereignty' (2005) John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law [Forthcoming]:  Read more »

High Court of Australia Hears Industrial Relations Advertising Constitutional Challenge

The ACTU and the Labor Party have lodged their High Court challenge against the Government's multi-million dollar advertising campaign on industrial relations ('IR') changes.

Originally by ABC News: Politics, 11:06 PM

Affirmative Action

Posner on affirmative action:  Read more »

High Court Hands Down Judgment in Nauru Jurisdiction Case

'The High Court has upheld the constitutional validity of laws giving it jurisdiction to hear appeals from the Nauru Supreme Court.'

Originally by CCH Australia, 8:36 PM

Labor accuses Govt of identity fraud in deportation case

The Federal Opposition has accused the Government of engaging in identity fraud, alleging the Immigration Department requested false travel documents for a Serbian couple it wanted to send home.

Originally by ABC News: Politics, 8:45 PM

Did Telstra executives move the goalposts on the level playing field?

A tumultuous fortnight for Telstra culminated in ASIC’s decision to investigate whether it breached continuous disclosure rules. Anne Durie analyses the obligations faced by Telstra executives and asks whether protection can be found in its governing legislation. © 2005 CCH Australia Ltd

Originally by CCH Australia, 8:48 PM

Internet Oversight Board Approves ".cat," Defers on ".xxx"

'The Internet's key oversight agency approved a domain name for Catalan language and culture Thursday, while deferring final action for the second time in as many months on creating an Internet red-light district through the controversial ".xxx" suffix. Proponents say the domain could help the porn industry clean up its act by forcing .xxx sites to avoid trickery such as spamming and malicious scripts; opponents object to providing another channel for porn distribution.'

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'Uniform approach needed' on ID Fraud, Cyber-Terrorism

A Melbourne academic has called for a United Nations convention to regulate cyber-terrorism and identity fraud.

Originally by ABC News: Science and Technology, 9:26 PM

FTC Goes After Spyware Firm

Regulators are trying to shut down a company they say secretly installed spyware that couldn't be removed by the consumers whose computers it infected.

Originally by WSJ.com: What's News Technology, 9:43 PM

Europe to Standardise the Airwaves

The European Commission plans to standardize the radio spectrum across its 25 member nations, including a possible bandwidth trading market.

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Finnish copyright protestors to lay siege to MPs

Demonstration outside Parliament

Opponents of Finland's proposed copyright laws are hoping for a good turnout today for a demonstration outside Parliament.…

Originally by The Register - Internet and Law: Digital Rights/Digital Wrongs, 9:52 PM

Does the ITU <em>get</em> the internet?

World organisation's IP block on lock

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is angling for a wider role in running the internet, to the extent that it is hosting the WSIS meeting taking place in Geneva at the moment.…

Originally by The Register - Internet and Law: Wild Wild Web, 9:54 PM

Victorian Legal Services Board appointees

Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman Colin Neave will chair the new regulatory body for Victoria’s legal profession, the Legal Services Board.

Originally by CCH Australia, 9:58 PM

Optus takes access fight to the ACCC

Optus has asked the competition watchdog to resolve an access dispute with rival Telstra.

Originally by CCH Australia, 9:58 PM

Government Cracks Down on Spyware Operation

According to this article, United States 'Government regulators are trying to shut down Odysseus Marketing, which they say secretly downloaded spyware onto the computers of unwitting Internet users. The FTC accused Walter Rines and his company of luring computer users with a bogus promise of free software that would make peer-to-peer file sharing anonymous. The crackdown comes as spyware continues to be a growing problem, with calls in Congress for legislation and an increase in enforcement by federal regulators.'  Read more »

FCC Mandate Forces 'Backdoors' in Broadband ISPs and VoIP

Washington, DC - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a "First Report and Order" confirming its expansion of the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) to the Internet. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is planning to challenge the rule in court.  Read more »

Google to Expand Reports

Google, the online search engine company, said that it would expand its quarterly financial reports to include an earnings figure that differs from mandated accounting practices.

Originally by NYT > Technology, 6:33 PM

Samsung To Pay Out $300 Million In Anti-Trust Suit

infernalC writes "Reuters is reporting that Samsung has agreed to plea guilty to charges of price fixing in the memory market in a $300 million settlement." From the article: " Samsung would become the third chip maker to plead guilty in the wide-ranging probe of the prices of dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, chips. The Justice Department has blamed the price-fixing conspiracy for driving up the price of chips used in products ranging from personal computers and servers to cell phones, cameras and game consoles."  Read more »

Internet Governance Proving Controversial

'Delegates at a meeting in Geneva on Monday failed to reach an agreement on who should control the internet's addressing system. The meeting, which is being held in preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis next month, degenerated into a farce when delegates argued over the right of the US to control the internet's addressing system.'  Read more »

VeriSign To Control .com Domain Until 2012

DIY News wrote to mention a Reuters article reporting that VeriSign will control the .com domain until 2012, according to an agreement with ICANN. From the article: "The agreement settles a long-running dispute between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, and the most powerful company under its jurisdiction. The settlement comes at a time when ICANN is under attack from China, Iran and other countries that want more direct control over the domain-name system that guides traffic around the Internet."  Read more »

Accessibility Lawsuit Challenges Target.com Website

A blind university student has filed a class action lawsuit against Target Corp. The plaintiff alleges that the website discriminates against visually impaired users of its services because the website is inaccessible using screen reader software.

Marc Maurer, president of the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore, an advocacy group that’s also a plaintiff in the suit, said today that the complaint is based on the theory that online portals of ‘brick-and-mortar stores’, or actual physical places, must be equally accessible.  Read more »